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On January 12, 2010, a magnitude-7.0 earthquake devastated Haiti and called attention to the economic crisis enveloping the third-world country. Following this disaster, a few members of Nashville’s First Baptist Church traveled to Haiti to assist with the orphan crisis. Jim Bryson, one of the travelers, was particularly inspired by his trip– so much so that he returned to the States with a dream of opening a school, as he found that education was the key to improving Haiti’s economy. Soon after, The Joseph School was born thanks to Jim’s vision, an incredible founding Board and Haitian leaders.

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The Joseph Story

Leadership development is character development, which is why our school is named after the biblical Joseph. Joseph was abandoned when his brothers sold him into slavery as a child; yet, God had given him a dream that he would one day be a leader. So, despite the many misfortunes Joseph encountered, his strength of character enabled him to not only behave honorably faced with sinful temptations, but also become a wise leader of the people. Just as Joseph was able to fulfill his dream of destiny and lead, we believe the graduates of The Joseph School will do the same, through an education that nurtures character and leadership development.