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Build The Future

Together, we can equip the children of Haiti to build a brighter future for Haiti.

The Future The Build

Why Support

Meet an incredible supporter who’s committed to providing quality education rooted in servant leadership to the children of Haiti.

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Goal of the campaign : 3 Years, $3 Million

The Build the Future campaign is a comprehensive
3-year, $3 million campaign which will provide the funds necessary to run, support, and strengthen our non-profit school.

The goal of this project is twofold: The Build and The Future. We believe that these two objectives will allow us to realize our powerful vision, and not only sustain — but actually strengthen — our mission to raise up the next generation of Haitian servant leaders.

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The Future

The Future will provide operating funds to enable The Joseph School to maintain and enroll the next three grades of students to receive a world-class education, develop a relationship with God, and contribute to their country’s success.

Student Sponsorship

Our selfless student sponsors provide the funds to feed and educate a child for an entire month. You, too, can join this community of dedicated donors and quite literally change the life of one of our students.


Our curriculum is specialized in academics, leadership skills, service, and language proficiency in Créole, English, and French. It is challenging yet nurturing, and will prepare our students for leadership roles within their country.

Teacher Sponsorship

When you sponsor a teacher, you enable them to prepare our students with the skills and confidence to tackle the deep-rooted and long-term problems of their country.

Food for Education

As we recognize that the cost of an education is not the only financial burden for many of our families, we provide meals for our students, teachers and staff through our Food for Education program. Without this program, many of our students would go hungry.

Staff Support

Running The Joseph School is no easy task. Our maintenance team, property and supply managers, and other members of our staff are the reason we continue to open our doors every morning.

Summer Feeding Program

When school is out of session, we understand that some of our students may go hungry. This program allows us to deliver nutrition supplements to students who are at-risk for malnutrition during the summer.

Invest Monthly

The best to change Haiti

will come from Haiti

The Build

The Build will provide the capital funds necessary to construct three vital buildings-- the dining hall + chapel, a new classroom building, and an administrative building. These spaces will be essential to accompany the anticipated growth of our staff and student body at The Joseph School.

Dining Hall and Chapel
$500,000 Project

This building will be a centralized space in the center of our campus for our students to worship God each morning during their daily devotion, as well as where they will eat two meals a day — both practices are essential to the vision of The Joseph School. We also anticipate this space will host student recognition programs, cultural celebrations and leadership trainings.

Six-Classroom Building
$250,000 Project

As we wish to keep our architecture consistent, this new six-classroom building will mirror the first set of classrooms. Although we anticipate the classrooms to have identical exteriors, each classroom will be assigned to two teachers who will create an inspiring space. The spaces will be light, airy, and filled with examples of the work that champions student servant leadership ideals.

Administrative Building
$100,000 Project

The administrative building will provide a space for the day-to-day activities that are related to record keeping, volunteer hours, personnel, physical distribution and logistics within The Joseph School.

The Play Area
$75,000 Project

The play area will consist of a playground and futbol (soccer) field. Through excellent teaching and strong curriculum, we develop wise and gifted students. Through outdoor play and competitions, we celebrate Haitian culture and teach our students to develop honesty, teamwork and respect for themselves and others.

Click below to see our construction plans