Blessed Transitions

As 2017 transitions into 2018,  The Joseph School is also transitioning into its permanent location. White House (TN) Baptist Church along with The Joseph School community teamed up to move furniture and supplies from the rental house — where classes have taken place since September 2015 — to our new classrooms, on our new campus and land.

Spring classes in the permanent location will start on January 8, 2018. This is a huge milestone for TJS and we are  very grateful for it. On behalf of our teachers, staff, and Board of The Joseph School, we want to thank every supporter that has prayed for The Joseph School this year. In many ways it has been a difficult year, but God has always carried us forward.

We wish you a smooth transition from 2017 to a richly blessed 2018. Happy New Year!








Uniform Kits and Cards: 20|20 Service Week

Joseph School backpacks with cards

Doing Good

2020 employees making cards for the students

Every year, 20|20 Research participates in a service week, where they focus their efforts on “Doing Good” and serving local non-profits throughout the Nashville community.  A group of 2020 employee’s spent one of their days this week volunteering at TJS . . . and we are so grateful that they did!

Alone, they were able to assemble and bag uniform and shoe kits for the upcoming ninety students. They also made “Welcome to the 2018” school year cards for each student.

If you’re interested in viewing more of the impactful work 20|20 participated in this week, be sure to check out their blog at!

20|20 Research company, thank you again for all of your hard work!

“Doing Good” in Action:

2020 employees making cards for the students
2020 employees packing socks
2020 employees packing uniforms

Meet Sam: An Amazing Servant Leader

We’re so thankful for our volunteers, and we’d like to introduce you to one of them. Meet Samantha Mulligan!

Samantha, better known as Sam, is an undergraduate student from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Sam has been volunteering with The Joseph School for more than a year and has traveled to Haiti five times. She is very involved with teacher development by facilitating teacher trainings, working as a liaison between our U.S. location and Cabaret, and she helps with record keeping. As you can imagine, she gets to see the students every day and enjoys playing with them during active learning times, recess and school trips.

Due to her numerous visits to Haiti and involvement in the country, Sam also helps with groups who visit TJS. She enjoys helping them navigate the areas surrounding TJS, and sharing her experiences with them. Speaking of sharing, we asked Sam a few questions and we’d love to give her perspective: 

Sam, what’s your favorite thing about Haiti?

“My favorite thing about Haiti  is the children. Children are so innocent. They want you to love on them and play games with them. Anywhere I go I love to talk to the kids because I’m learning Haitian Creole and they take it easy on the vocabulary with me!”


We also asked Sam what she enjoys about TJS?

“My favorite thing about TJS is the people that make our vision work every day. I love the people that I work with! Our principal and teachers are so intelligent and have such big hearts for kids. Bildad, the head of our operations, is the definition of servant leadership. He is a wonderful leader and example to our kids and does a devotional everyday with them before classes start.”

Want to ask Sam more questions about Haiti? She’d love to hear from you. Follow her Instagram account  @Sammy3156, or message her on Facebook at Sam Mulligan. And please keep Sam in your prayers as she continues to travel and share her talents with our students and everyone she meets.

Sam, we thank you for everything you do here at The Joseph School!


On A Mission: Nashville First Baptist’s Trip to Haiti

Throughout the summer, we have several groups that travel to Haiti to help the community and volunteer at The Joseph School. Donations play a huge role in what we have accomplished at TJS, as well as where we believe God will take us in the days, months, and years to come. However, it’s not just the monetary gifts that make a difference in Haiti, it’s the groups like Nashville First Baptist’s mission team (from Nashville, TN) that make a significant difference, too.


On day one of Nashville First Baptist’s trip, they split into two groups. Most of their team team went to The Joseph School’s land and helped with construction on our new permanent campus. They worked side-by-side with our Haitian friends to build and landscape areas of campus, while the other team held a training and mentoring session with teachers from TJS.

The next few days, the entire group volunteered at the new campus during the day, and in the afternoon, they visited a local orphanage for an evening of bible stories, games, music, movies, and dinner with the kids.

On day four, NFBC sent teams out to visit some of The Joseph School students and provide them with nutritional supplements to help them maintain a healthy weight while they are out of school. (We feed the students twice a day during the school year, but sometimes our students do not have adequate meals when school is out).

Day five was Sunday, or the Sabbath, so the group attended Solid Rock Church in a nearby town called Minotrie, and them they went to Wahoo Beach to rest and relax in the sun, before their last day of volunteering and returning back to Nashville.

Nashville First Baptist accomplished so many wonderful things while they were visiting The Joseph School. We are beyond thankful for their involvement with us and our mission. If you, your church group or organization would like to take a trip to volunteer at TJS, please email us at

On A Mission: Copperfield Church

“Serving with The Joseph School in Haiti was an amazing experience. Most of our team had never been on an international mission trip before, and everyone is still talking about how impacted they were from the experience,” said Will Turner, student pastor at Copperfield Church. “We witnessed God moving in our hearts and the people we encountered.” 

In July 2017, we were blessed with a group of hard working volunteers from Copperfield Church. We watched as they let God move through them to humbly serve the community around them. Copperfield hosted VBS for the children at a local orphanage, and played with and taught the kids about the bible. They also helped with the construction of a new house for a Haitian family and water reservoir.

Copperfield Church passed out flip flops and and hygiene kits, both in local villages and homeless shelters. They sat and listened to the people in the homeless shelters tell their stories, and lead a prayer for the residents and the future of Haiti. 

“One of our favorite things was talking with our translators and the other workers at the house–connecting with them, learning from them and encouraging them. This trip was a pivotal and formative experience for many of our group. God blessed us through Haiti. Thank you for allowing us to come alongside The Joseph School and be a part of God’s Kingdom movement,” said Turner.

We look back on this trip and recognize the amazing work God did through them for our community. Thank you to all our friends at Copperfield Church for your hard work and compassion.

God Bless you!

Our Wall Stands Tall: Continuing The Joseph School Construction

Continuing The Joseph School Construction

We officially have a wall surrounding TJS land. This may seem small to some but to us and our amazing supporters, we’re very excited to have a strong, secure wall around what will one day be our K12 permanent school.

Two years ago, we opened the doors to our first class of kindergarteners at a rental property in Cabaret, Haiti. Because the Haitian government believes in The Joseph School mission, they gave us 20 acres of land to build a permanent school, and we are well on our way to making that building stand.

We can’t open the school fully as that will take time and more help. But we are planning to open a section of the school a few years at a time. Since we currently have primary age students, that is the first section we hope to open this FALL!

To do that, we need your help.  Many of you have been very generous already. Some of you have asked when will more construction begin. Well the time has come. We’ve accomplished the wall and gate, and now we are moving to the building itself. If you can give to help out with construction, your gift would be very timely.  If you cannot, we ask you to pray for The Joseph School, and the safety of the craftsmen building the school.  

God is doing amazing work in and through the school.  We hope you will continue to be a part of this effort.

School’s Out (Just for the Summer!)

School’s Out. Summer’s In.

To God be the Glory!

We have just completed another amazing school year at the Joseph School. Thanks to our donors, our students have experienced a fun and educating year! Thirty-one students will be moving to the second grade and 30 students will be graduating to first grade. We are also planning to welcome a new class of kindergarteners. We are not sure how many students we’ll have in our new Kindergarten class, but if they are anything like our previous class, they are going to be bright, adorable and ready to learn.

This school year could not have been a success without the help from our faithful donors. To everyone who’s supported us thus far, we want to say thank you! Your investment in TJS has already made an incredible impact in the lives of our current 61 students, their family and their communities.

Although our students are now out for the summer, we still have much work to do. This past August, we broke ground on our 20 acres of land for the new permanent school. Prayerfully, construction will start in July so that we can open the doors of the new school this September as we welcome our new class of kindergartens.

We’re excited about this transition and we are so grateful for prayers and support as we continue this incredible journey.

Laying a Firm Foundation: The Joseph School Construction Begins


The Joseph School Construction Begins

The Joseph School is laying a firm foundation of knowledge, leadership, service and faith with the children of Cabaret.  Now we are laying a firm foundation for the stones and mortar of the school itself.  This week The Joseph School began digging the foundation for the gate to the land you see here.

This past school year, The Joseph School started with a kindergarten class of 31 students and 5 teachers meeting in a large rental house in Cabaret, Haiti.  Because the Haitian government believes in The Joseph School mission, they gave TJS over 20 acres of land to build a permanent school.  The government’s stipulation was that we begin and not allow the land to lie unused.  Because of generous gifts from people like you, we have started with site improvements, a gate and a road.

In September a new class will join the current class at TJS bringing our total student population to about 60 students in kindergarten and 1st grade.  Our goal is to have the permanent school ready for these students to move into by January.

To do that, we need your help.  Many of you have been very generous already.  Some of you have waited to give when construction begins.  If you can give to help out with construction, your gift would be very timely.  If you cannot, we ask you to pray for The Joseph School, its staff, teachers and students.  God is doing amazing work in and through the school.  We hope you will continue to be a part of this effort.

It’s an exciting time for The Joseph School and we are grateful for your friendship as we are on this incredible journey to see lives changed in Haiti.



Alabèl [translated: How Beautiful]

Guest writer: Anonymous Advocate. 

A country full of hope, communities full of vision, and a school full of love.

Earlier this month, a group from Nashville visited The Joseph School in Cabaret, Haiti. One participant on the mission trip shared this experience:

“Arriving on the six-year anniversary of the earthquake, we were humbled to visit the national memorial commemorating lives lost in the earthquake just a few short years ago. Although much sadness and destruction was brought upon Haiti by this disaster, our group experienced a country full of hope, communities full of vision, and a school full of love.

While visiting The Joseph School, we took all 31 students on a field trip to the beach. Only 15 miles away from the coast, the majority of these students had never seen the ocean.  The students continued to shout “bél”, which means beautiful in Creole, with excitement as we drove along the coast to our destination.  The smiles on their faces as they splashed in the ocean were unforgettable.

Our group spent time with the children and teachers, helping with chores at the school, serving meals, and assisting in the classroom. We were able to meet the families and churches of The Joseph School students. We experienced the community that The Joseph School serves, and in turn the community that serves The Joseph School.  The Joseph School offers education, provides hope, and gives purpose to so many people in Cabaret, and it is truly beautiful.”

God’s Grace: A Mother’s Story

Meet Eliamise and her son, Tcharly.

Tcharly (pronounced Charlie) is six-years-old and a student of The Joseph School.   They live in the city of Cabaret, Haiti.  Eliamise recently shared with us the impact The Joseph School is having on her life, her son’s life, and the life of her family.

“The Joseph School means so much to me, even if you give me the entire day to tell what the school brings in my life, it will not be enough.”

Eliamise and her family live on a rocky mountain about thirty minutes from TJS.  Every morning at 4:30am, Eliamise walks nearly three miles down the mountain with Tcharly on her back so that he can meet the taptap, or bus, at 6am that takes him to school.

“The taptap is such a blessing,” she says.  Without the taptap, she didn’t know how Tcharly would be able to attend The Joseph School.  After asking if Tcharly slept while she carried him down to the bus, she laughed, “No, he’s too excited.”

Eliamise told us how much Tcharly had learned in the past few months of being a student at The Joseph School.

 “He has learned so much that he is now reading and his language is better and clear.  He comes home and teaches what he’s learned to his little brother,” she said.

Tcharly’s first day of class

Because Tcharly is learning so quickly at The Joseph School, Eliamise decided to go back to school herself. She stopped going to school in the eighth grade, but said, “I need to do this  to keep up with my son.”  After working everyday from 8am-12pm, Eliamise is taking classes from 1pm-7pm.

“The Joseph School is God’s grace,” says Eliamise.  She said that she would have to be the wealthiest woman to give her son the kind of education he is getting at the Joseph School.

When she first learned that Tcharly would be a student at The Joseph School, Eliamise was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to feed him enough to stay focused.

“Some days, I just worried about what to feed Tcharly,” she said. But then she learned The Joseph School provides two meals a day to each student. These two meals are greatly impactful for Eliamise and her family, and she says this is God’s grace.

Eliamise told us that she felt like The Joseph School came to Cabaret just for Tcharly. She said it’s such a blessing for her to be a part of the school.

Eliamise and Tcharly’s story is just one of many and why we work to make The Joseph School it’s best.