Mailers & Memories

Tis’ the season of year end mailings.

Many of you have probably received a December mailer from our organization, and many of you have also blessed our organization with a contribution.  We count every gift we receive as a blessing, so we are truly thankful for your continued support!

How do our mailers get to your inbox?

Year end mailers can be a lot of work. Our director of engagement writes multiple letters to our supporters (because every donor is not the same) and then the real fun begins — stuffing, sealing, stamping and mailing. 

This year we had help from a very spirited group of seasoned citizen from the St. Paul Senior Living Community in Nashville, TN. Our U.S. staff set up a mailer assembly line in their community room and together, stuffed and sealed more than 700 letters!

Our staff really enjoyed spending time with this group, sharing stories about Haiti and The Joseph School mission.

Many memories were made, and TJS is very grateful for their support.

If you didn’t receive a year end mailer (with photos and our 2018 reflections) but would have liked to, please email your address to We’d love to share more with you.

Training Teachers to Transform Haiti

From December 13th-17th, our Joseph School teachers went through an intensive teacher training with P4H, a Haitian organization dedicated solely to the professional development of teachers.

The Joseph School teachers and P4H
The Joseph School Teachers and P4H

The first day, the P4H team observed our teachers in their classrooms using a detailed rubric. They gave our education coordinator a SWOT analysis of each classroom explaining every teacher’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

The second day, P4H started their three day intensive, hands-on training. They administered a pre-test to see where our teachers were before the training.

According to P4H, The Joseph School teachers scored the highest out of all the schools they have ever trained with an overall average of 60%.

After the pre-test, they dug into the three fundamentals of education that focus on different learning models that are centered on the students.

The third day, their main focus was classroom management and knowing your students. They learned about defining rules and procedures while also learning how to cooperate with the students instead of dominating them. Then they did a leadership activity that caused some of our teachers to rethink how they define a leader and what student leadership can look like in and out of the classroom.

The last day, P4H did multiple activities focused on collaborative learning. The teachers learned ways to utilize this in their classroom by modeling different activities they could use for their students. During this time, they were able to experience the benefits of collaborative learning by working together themselves. They also had to present a lesson plan to their fellow teachers and demonstrate different techniques to show what they had learned.

At the end of the training, our teacher’s took a post-test over the main objectives they should have learned during the training. 11 out of 17 teachers scored 100% with an overall average of 97%.

We were blessed to have the opportunity to work with P4H and look forward to creating an even bigger partnership moving forward!

Hike for Haiti

Reflections from guest blogger, Guy Dauncey, IPSOS

On a summer’s Friday in London, a group of ‘Healthcare Hikers’ from Ipsos Healthcare used one of their ‘Responding Responsibly’ days to walk the Jubilee Greenway in aid of The Joseph School, in Haiti.

Following the devastation of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, The Joseph School was formed to help teach, inspire and empower a new generation of Haitian leaders on the premise that the best people to change Haiti will come from Haiti.

I [Guy] have been lucky enough to be selected, along with three others from Healthcare in North America, to volunteer at The Joseph School, in January 2019. The entire trip will be funded by The Ipsos Foundation and Ipsos Healthcare, which means that any funds we raise will be donated directly to the school and its healthcare needs.

The Hike

Hike for Haiti was conceived after a brainstorm session discussing ideas for Responding Responsibly.  The aim was to create a group participation event, inclusive to all, in a format where everyone could challenge themselves and push themselves as far as they were willing to commit to.

The Jubilee Greenway is a 60km circular footpath which runs through a number of London’s parks and past some of London’s most famous sights.  It was founded to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – one km for each year of the Queen’s reign.  A team of 14 from across Healthcare volunteered to walk various stretches of the route, an opportunity to use a Responding Responsibly day, support a very worthwhile cause, get some exercise and see some of London’s sights all at the same time. 

Collectively, we had walked almost 500 KM and over half a million steps, in just one day.  A big shout-out to the Healthcare Hikers:  Alistair Bates; Aniko Cseledi; Barenese Du-Pont; Charlie Adams; Dipesh Mangabhai; Gabriela Lopez; Myles Taylor; Nattali Samuel; Nicholas Dale; Paulina Dabrowska; Sabina Heinz; Salim Ben-issa; Sophie Oldfield.

The Results

The fundraising has gone unbelievably well – a huge thanks to everyone that has donated.

We’ve had an overwhelming response and this will go towards helping fund the School’s Healthcare needs including:

  • A medical team to administer vaccinations for the children
  • Nurse practitioners to conduct periodic health assessments of the children and to help with specific health issues
  • Medical treatments or surgeries that the children need
  • The setting up of a medical clinic recently acquired by The Joseph School Foundation

I’m looking forward to travelling to Haiti in January to help get the medical clinic up and running.

If you would like to see a short (2min) video of our journey, along with some photos, please go to:

From Classroom Checkups to a Community Clinic

The Joseph School is excited to announce that we have entered a pilot partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Health to reopen an abandoned medical clinic in Cameau, Haiti.

A school and a clinic . . . how did this happen? 

Cameau Clinic

The mission of The Joseph School is to educate and prepare tomorrow’s servant leaders in body, mind, and spirit. Throughout our four years of operations, we’ve learned that educating our students also means addressing the living conditions of Haiti —like access to sufficient food, clean water and medical care.  

To promote healthy minds in the classrooms, our students need healthy bodies.

Our current Food of Education program provides daily meals for every child, teacher and staff.

Our Summer Nutrition programs ensures at-risk students, and their families, receive nutritional supplements to combat summer malnutrition.

Each semester, our students receive well-child check ups from a registered nurse, or team, as part of our Medical Missions. 

Health and wellness has become a necessary focus for our school, and has already impacted the lives of our students, their families and their communities. So much so, that the Haitian Ministry of Health has asked TJS to take over an abandoned clinic in Cameau (a few miles from our campus). And after months of prayer and deliberation, we have said yes!

The clinic is not operational right now. However, in due time, we plan to utilize the existing clinic as a base from which to improve the overall health of Cameau, Cabaret, other surrounding communities and to provide healthcare to The Joseph School students, families and staff. 

As part of our new project, our US headquarters has added a Medical Advisory Board. If interested in learning more about the clinic, and our preliminary plans, please email Subject: Clinic.

Celebrating Our Fourth Year

To God be the Glory. On September 3rd we started out fourth year at The Joseph School. It was warm, sunny and beautiful day on the TJS campus*. Scroll below to view some snapshots of the day: 

Teachers, students, parents, staff and friends arrived to The Joseph School campus bright and early to welcome 120 students for their first day of class.

Dressed in their best attire, students arrived on the new TJS school bus* and were greeted by Haitian Director of Operations, Bildad Michel, and TJS Founder, Jim Bryson.

Madam Dallen Jean Baptiste, TJS Principal, welcomed the students and their families.

Surrounding the students, everyone prayed. We prayed for the school, the students, their families, the year to come, and the future of Haiti. We thanked the Lord for the supporters of The Joseph School, the progress we’ve made, the relationships built and for His continued guidance and direction for this work.

Next, Madam Dallen introduced five new teachers, and then student’s headed to their new classrooms*. 

Excited parents surrounded the first grade rooms to see their child(ren) in school for the first time.

Last but not least, class orientations began and breakfast was served!

In September 2015, The Joseph School opened its doors to 30 students in a rental house in Cabaret, Haiti.

Today, The Joseph School teaches 120 students lead by 17 incredible teachers who are supported by 24 Haitian staff members on its own campus land. Again, to God be The Glory and thank you to all involved in this journey.

*Amazing “firsts” for The Joseph School. This was our first year beginning class on the campus and our first year having a school bus!

Back to School Bags Packed

Every year, 20|20 Research company participates in a service week, where they focus their efforts on “Doing Good” and serving local non-profits throughout the Nashville community. As Jim Bryson, founder and CEO of 20|20, is also the founder of The Joseph School, they spent this past Monday volunteering at TJS– and we are so grateful that they did.

Alone, they were able to organize, group and bag shoes and curriculum for all 119 students the year. They also made Welcome to the 2018 School Year cards for the new first graders.

Growing Each Year

Last year, 20|20’s team also helped bag uniforms and shoes, but we’re very excited to have the uniforms made in Haiti this year — creating less US expenses and jobs in Haiti, instead.

We’re five days away from our fourth school year at The Joseph School. Please pray for our second team heading to Haiti this weekend, with multiple bags in tow. Pray for our teachers, staff, students and their families. We thank 20|20 for their incredible help this week, and we thank YOU for being a part of this journey.

Service Week in Action:

Jim Bryson talking to volunteer team
Shoes for the students
2020 Research team creating cards for the students.

Demonstrating Discipleship: HBU’s Mission Trip

Houston Baptist University Students

While a sharp spike in fuel prices sparked turmoil, devastation, and a political crisis in Haiti, Houston Baptist University was serving our students with hope, joy, and discipleship. Despite the unrest that was enveloping Haiti, they humbly painted our clinic, provided toiletries and vitamins to students, and treated all members of The Joseph School with respect.

While these deliberations were incredibly helpful, perhaps the largest contribution this group made to our school was the Vacation Bible School that they ran. In their multi-day VBS, they taught, loved, and demonstrated servant leadership in its most raw form. As these college students changed our students’ minds and hearts, The Joseph School also left an indelible mark on these volunteers. 

As Darby Isereau, one of the participants, penned: “Haiti is beautiful. Haiti is resilient.”

As the volunteers themselves can best speak on their personal experiences, we have featured a testimony below from Lauren Butler, one of the travelers on the trip, who is pictured below.

Lauren Butler

“This was my third time coming back to Haiti and working with The Joseph School, and it seems like each trip is better than the last! This was my first time taking a group through my school, Houston Baptist University, and it was so cool to come with them this year! We expected to love and serve those around us, but everyone that we encountered loved and served us. Everyone we met was so kind towards us and full of joy that you can’t help but keep a smile on your face!

I have so many amazing memories from this trip, but one of my favorites is when we went on house visits to kids that attend The Joseph School. Last year when I was in Haiti, I met a 2nd grader named Taina and we became fast friends. This year, we were able to go to her house and give her flip flops, soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and vitamins for the duration of the summer. I brought her a little gift to give her, and I was so glad I was able to deliver it to her in person! She remembered me and my name, and my face and heart lit up! I thought about her a lot over this past year and I loved hearing from her that our friendship did not just last for one week last year. I am so excited to see her and all the other students excel in school and see how God will use each of them! Haiti and The Joseph School holds a special place in my heart and it gets harder to leave each year. I can’t wait to go back!”

Thanks, Lauren, for your inspiring words. We are so grateful for all that the HBU team has done for The Joseph School, and pray that our mission will continue to guide your servant hearts.

Training Talented Teachers: Update On P4H Teacher Conference

As teachers are the cornerstone of academic quality, we are committed to hiring the most dedicated and effective educators of Haiti to guide, instruct, and empower the next generation of Haitian servant leaders. Due to our adherence to a curriculum that is strong and up-to-date, we require our teachers to attend regular conferences, so they can continue to adjust the practices they implement in the classroom, as well as remain updated on the most relevant topics of the time. Today we’re going to sneak a behind-the-scenes look at the most recent conference our teachers attended: the P4H Conference.

P4H Global’s Educator Professional Development Conference is focused on training Haitian Educators to use effective, student-centered methods of teaching in their classrooms.

P4H invests in educators because they have the responsibility to shape the minds of the future generation. Future professionals such as doctors, lawyers, educators, pastors, and other vital members of society all begin as curious students in the classroom. Unfortunately, due to the fact that most Haitian teachers do not have any pre-service training, the majority of Haitian classrooms are marked by rote memorization and an authoritarian, teacher-centered approach.

As P4H specializes in a collaborative and compassionate approach to education, The Joseph School teachers attend this conference to acquire the skills to develop thoughtful, lifelong learners and leaders.
At the annual P4H Conference, US educators gather for three days to share their expertise and research-based educational strategies with Haitian teachers. Topics such as foundational education theories, classroom management, leadership development, and mathematics strategies are explored during the conference, providing Haitian educators with the opportunity to learn new methods and network with other educators from their country.

Overall, the professional development opportunities that P4H offers equip our teachers with invaluable skills that allow them to meet the distinct needs of their students, while enriching their minds and hearts.

We are so grateful to have wrapped up another year at the P4H conference!





Time4Updates: A Spotlight on Time4Haiti’s Mission Trip

A Play Day to Remember

In the words of Time4Haiti, one of our incredible partner organizations that recently took a mission trip to TJS, “teachable moments happen frequently outside of the classroom.” This very philosophy serves as the basis for much of their impactful work, and led them to sponsor a Play Day for The Joseph School– complete with sack races, 3-legged races, tug-o-war, body through the hoop races, and the boys’ and girls’ soccer tournament finals.

Designated playtime is an integral part of any child’s education and development. Aside from the creative benefits, sports encourage leadership while teaching students the importance of teamwork. That is why we are so grateful for Time4Haiti’s efforts to coordinate this Play Day: our students loved it, and we are so glad they had  fun and learned valuable life lessons! Time4Haiti’s focus on encouraging and empowering our students offered them the space to let loose and just be kids. At the end of Play Day, the team took our students to cool off and play in a beautiful river. What an incredible ending to a memorable day!

 Community Involvement

Collectively, Time4Haiti truly has a heart for service. Not only did they coordinate Play Day, but they also got involved in the local community.

They helped the homeless in Cabaret paint their shelter and gave them a Bible, Children’s Bible story book, an English dictionary, and some hygiene products to share. They also performed a village cleanup, and did village ministry in Minoterie. We are incredibly grateful to have been involved with a group that champions Christian service ideals so well.


The Visual Story of Time4Haiti’s Trip:


Time4Haiti: thank you again!



United by Uniforms

Welcome back, TJS supporters! As the school year comes to a close, we are celebrating some exciting news on the horizon: student uniforms are now being made IN Haiti!

As you may know, in the last three years, we have purchased uniforms here in the United States. While we appreciated the American services, we wanted to do something more to help our friends in Haiti. NOW, thanks to the pilot sewing program (sponsored by Nashville’s own Immanuel Baptist Church!), we are having the uniforms sewn in Haiti! Not only will this switch provide much-needed jobs to families in Haiti, but it will also decrease production and distribution difficulties as we grow from 90 to 120 students, and plan to continue to expand every year. Uniforms are $100 pers students and include: two shirts, two pants/shorts/skirts, shoes (still purchased in US) and Socks.

This change is more than a mere location switch: it is a Transition that is going to serve as the grounds for the Transformation of lives.

The photo to your left features John Kerry, rising 4th grader, modeling the first draft of the Haitian-made uniforms!

And check out the behind-the-scenes look of our hardworking Haitian friends to the right, as they carefully take measurements and calculate the correct dimensions for the uniforms. We are blessed with an incredible team and are so excited to watch this program kick off!

We also want to extend a special thanks to TJS Board member, Natalie Inman, for providing the sewing machines!

Thank You.

To all of our followers: thank you, kindly, for reading and for believing in our mission. The Joseph School would not be the same without YOU! With your generous contribution, you can quite literally provide the clothes on the back of a student. We are deeply grateful for your support during this exciting Transition!