God’s Grace: A Mother’s Story

Meet Eliamise and her son, Tcharly.

Tcharly (pronounced Charlie) is six-years-old and a student of The Joseph School.   They live in the city of Cabaret, Haiti.  Eliamise recently shared with us the impact The Joseph School is having on her life, her son’s life, and the life of her family.

“The Joseph School means so much to me, even if you give me the entire day to tell what the school brings in my life, it will not be enough.”

Eliamise and her family live on a rocky mountain about thirty minutes from TJS.  Every morning at 4:30am, Eliamise walks nearly three miles down the mountain with Tcharly on her back so that he can meet the taptap, or bus, at 6am that takes him to school.

“The taptap is such a blessing,” she says.  Without the taptap, she didn’t know how Tcharly would be able to attend The Joseph School.  After asking if Tcharly slept while she carried him down to the bus, she laughed, “No, he’s too excited.”

Eliamise told us how much Tcharly had learned in the past few months of being a student at The Joseph School.

 “He has learned so much that he is now reading and his language is better and clear.  He comes home and teaches what he’s learned to his little brother,” she said.

Tcharly’s first day of class

Because Tcharly is learning so quickly at The Joseph School, Eliamise decided to go back to school herself. She stopped going to school in the eighth grade, but said, “I need to do this  to keep up with my son.”  After working everyday from 8am-12pm, Eliamise is taking classes from 1pm-7pm.

“The Joseph School is God’s grace,” says Eliamise.  She said that she would have to be the wealthiest woman to give her son the kind of education he is getting at the Joseph School.

When she first learned that Tcharly would be a student at The Joseph School, Eliamise was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to feed him enough to stay focused.

“Some days, I just worried about what to feed Tcharly,” she said. But then she learned The Joseph School provides two meals a day to each student. These two meals are greatly impactful for Eliamise and her family, and she says this is God’s grace.

Eliamise told us that she felt like The Joseph School came to Cabaret just for Tcharly. She said it’s such a blessing for her to be a part of the school.

Eliamise and Tcharly’s story is just one of many and why we work to make The Joseph School it’s best.

Nashville CEO Opens Haitian School

Original article published in The Tennessean by Jamie McGee,

After years of planning and fundraising, 20/20 Research CEO Jim Bryson opened a school in Haiti last week, serving 31 kindergarten students.

The Joseph School is near Cabaret, about 16 miles from Port-au-Prince, and the students are from nearby villages. Five Haitian teachers will lead the school.

Bryson began developing plans for the school after traveling to Haiti in the wake of the 2010 earthquake. Recognizing the educational shortcomings exacerbated by the natural disaster, he began raising funds to build The Joseph School.

Bryson originally envisioned the school as a secondary school for orphaned children. Instead, the school will begin with 5 and 6-year-olds and will add a grade level each year through high school. While some students are orphans, the school has expanded its scope.

“We discovered that to start as a secondary school, you are pulling kids from educational experiences that are really widely varying,” Bryson said. “We made the determination that the best way to impact the students and to impact the country over the long term was actually to start at the beginning and give them a very high level of education starting in kindergarten, all the way through.”

The school opened Sept. 21, with local leaders and several parents joining the children in their new uniforms.

“We were so well received in the city of Cabaret that we got a lot of support, a lot of help,” Bryson said.

The Joseph School is in a rented house, and plans are underway to build a facility, Bryson said.

Opening Ceremony & Dedication for The Joseph School

The Joseph School first graders on their first day

A day we have faithfully prayed for has come.  The Joseph School has opened its doors.

Teachers. Students. Parents. Neighbors. Staff. Friends.

Everyone came out to dedicate The Joseph School to the Lord. It was an exciting day for those in Haiti and for those here in the states as well. We’ve waited many years for this day. It’s been worth the wait.

31 First Grade Students

Fifteen boys and 16 girls all from the surrounding villages of Cabaret. Seven of the students come from the local orphanage. All have been tested and meet (or exceed) Haitian standards. These youngsters are SHARP! We’re already so proud of them.

Five Teachers

We are blessed to have some of the best teachers in Haiti: Jenny, Dallen, Sonia, Rose and Israel. Pray for wisdom and creativity as our teachers pour into the next generation of leaders!

One Goal 

Our mutual goal is to develop Haitian servant leaders who love God and love Haiti.