Opening Ceremony & Dedication for The Joseph School

A day we have faithfully prayed for has come.  The Joseph School has opened its doors.

Teachers. Students. Parents. Neighbors. Staff. Friends.

Everyone came out to dedicate The Joseph School to the Lord. It was an exciting day for those in Haiti and for those here in the states as well.

We’ve waited many years for this day. It’s been worth the wait.

31 Kindergarten Students

15 boys and 16 girls all from the surrounding villages of Cabaret. 7 of the students come from the local orphanage. All have been tested and meet (or exceed) Kindergarten standards. These youngsters are SHARP! We’re already so proud of them.

5 Teachers

We are blessed to have some of the best teachers in Haiti: Jenny, Darling, Sonia, Rose and Israel. Pray for wisdom and creativity as our teachers pour into the next generation of leaders!

1 Goal 

Our mutual goal is to develop Haitian servant leaders who love God and love Haiti.

Experiencing Haiti Through The Joseph School

A country full of hope, communities full of vision, and a school full of love.

In January of this year, a group from Nashville visited The Joseph School in Cabaret, Haiti. Arriving on the six-year anniversary of the earthquake, we were humbled to visit the national memorial commemorating lives lost in the earthquake just a few short years ago. Although much sadness and destruction was brought upon Haiti by this disaster, our group experienced a country full of hope, communities full of vision, and a school full of love.

While visiting The Joseph School, we took all 31 students on a field trip to the beach. Only 15 miles away from the coast, the majority of these students had never seen the ocean.  The students continued to shout
bel, which means beautiful in Creole, with excitement as we drove along the coast to our destination.  The smiles on their as faces as they splashed in the ocean were unforgettable.

Our group spent time with the children and teachers, helping with chores at the school, serving meals, and assisting in the classroom. We were able to meet the families and churches of The Joseph School students. Our group experienced the community that The Joseph School serves, and in turn the community that serves The Joseph School.  The Joseph School offers education, provides hope, and gives purpose to so many people in Cabaret, and it is truly beautiful.