The Destination of Your Dollar

While nearly 90 percent of your donations go toward their designated program, have you ever wondered about the other 10 percent*? The Joseph School is 501c3 nonprofit, which means the entirety of its operational costs come from donations, just like yours! While the primary programs, such as ‘Friends for the Future,’ ‘Food for Education’ and ‘Teacher Sponsorship’ require the majority of TJS’s resources, your donation helps support many different sectors of The Joseph School.

TJS is excited to share five aspects of The Joseph School you may not know your gift supports…


Many challenges face Haiti, especially in recent years. The security team makes sure the campus remains a safe and secure place for every TJS student. TJS head of security, Johny, provides training for his staff to equip them for any security challenges or dangerous situations. The TJS campus covers several acres, so lights have been installed across the campus and the entire security team is supplied with walkie talkies to help with communication.

Security lead, Johny, and TJS students.



The school bus provides transportation to and from school for many of our students. Other students arrive by walking to school, by parent transportation, and some come by tap tap (public transportation).

TJS bus on the first day of school (2021).



The Joseph School understands the importance of equipping our students with computer skills. With the generous gift from our donor partner Marketing Research Education Foundation, TJS has purchased computer tablets that are fully loaded with lessons, tutoring programs, academic games, and mastery learning tools. These tablets do not need WiFi but come with a modem. They come in protective cases and are waterproof. Grades 6th and 7th will have access to these tablets initially, but we are hoping to add more in the future for the 4th and 5th graders.

TJS Student Taina.
TJS student John Kerry.








Guest House

TJS rents a small house that is near the main campus. This guesthouse has bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen. It is available for teachers who live far from the school and need a place to stay for the week. If there are dangerous weather conditions or road closures, teachers and staff have a place to sleep for the night.


Activities in the TJS guesthouse.


The majority of the campus is powered by solar panels that are installed in each classroom building. Pumps bring water to the toilets and bathroom sinks for the students to use.

A generator powers the kitchen stoves for the school meals.  TJS students are provided with two meals a day. A small breakfast meal and then a full meal of rice, beans, protein, fruit, and occasionally a treat such as cookies or small cakes. The cooking staff are a dedicated group of women who arrive at the school early to begin preparation of meals from scratch with all fresh ingredients. They are committed to providing nutritious meals. They receive updates and training in professional nutrition classes to make sure TJS students are receiving healthy balanced meals.


Madame Kennylove cooks in the TJS kitchens.
TJS students wait for lunch.
Main generator at The Joseph School.



It’s no secret that The Joseph School is a special place. The success of its programs and its students relies on the generous donations of donors, like you! The Joseph School’s primary focus will always be providing students with a holistic education, but we hope this blog shines a light on the many aspects of TJS that go into making our mission a reality.


*Nearly two percent of funds go toward fundraising efforts including, but not limited to: the cost of personnel in accounting, management and fundraising expenses, including salaries.

A Slice of Life at The Joseph School- National Mentorship Month

Jim Bryson greeting students on the first day of classes (2019, pre-pandemic)

As the sun rises over the hills of Haiti, students are arriving at The Joseph School. Some come by bus, some by tap tap and some just on their own two feet. However they may differ in arrival, they share the common intention of a positive day at school. This positive experience starts the same way everyday, by raising the Haitian flag high above campus. Each morning two students are chosen to lead the flag raising ceremony and lead the student body in reciting The Joseph School creed.


Student - Student Mentorship 3
Student Taina leading pledge
Teacher - Student Mentorship
Teacher, Mr. Nao, and Taina

As the chosen students of the day walk toward the flagpole, their teachers are right there alongside them to guide them through the task. The teachers coach the students on how to attach the flag, raise it high and tie a strong knot to keep it secure. This is just one small moment each day at The Joseph School where mentorship takes the lead.




Beyond leading the student body during the flag raising ceremony, the older students mentor the younger students in the ways of The Joseph School including how to treat the teachers and staff with respect and courtesy; how to keep campus clean; and how to serve others during meals and leadership activities. 

Student - Student Mentorship 2
Ralph and David

Haiti has gone through difficult times, however the teachers at The Joseph School are always present and eager to educate their students. Each day they arrive with a smile on their faces to greet each child. For them, being a part of The Joseph School means more than simply reciting facts. TJS provides a holistic learning style, meaning teachers not only provide technical education but also mentorship. They are there to help students through any difficulties they may have outside the classroom. This includes wellness checks at home and private tutoring in some instances. 

After morning lessons are done, the students enjoy lunch and head outside for recess. Some of the older students begin a game of soccer and teach the younger students to play and join in. Behind the scenes, Madam Kennylove leads her team of cooks to prepare nutritious meals for over 200 TJS students, twice per day.

Student- Student Mentorship
5th and 4th grade students playing soccer (left); Madam Kennylove prepping lunch meals (right).

During this time, the teachers gather to discuss tips and lesson planning. Principal Rose instructs lead teachers on the lesson programming of the week. The lead teachers in turn instruct classroom teachers on lesson planning and constructing tests with the week’s lessons in mind. New teachers learn all about TJS and the teaching style from veteran teachers. Teachers who have completed P4H training (our professional development program) pass down their knowledge to the newer teachers to create a consistent learning environment in every classroom.

Teacher- Teacher Mentorship
Lead teacher, Mr. Bastien, training Mr. Nao

After school hours, the work continues! TJS teachers utilize the school bus to travel to and from campus, along with the students. As the school day comes to a close, students and teachers alike board the bus to head home for the day. Until the very end, TJS teachers keep looking out for students, making sure each child gets off safely at their correct stop.

2018-2019 TJS Student Body

January is National Mentorship Month, so we hope you enjoyed this look into mentorship at The Joseph School. The Joseph School is more than just a place of education, it’s a community of people working together and empowering each other to create a better tomorrow.

Happy Holidays from Haiti!

Have you enjoyed our Holiday content throughout the month of December? Bring some Haitian traditions into your home this holiday season with our printable traditions cards!

Feeding the Soul

In Haiti, the holidays are all about spending time with family and loved ones, usually over food and drink. That’s why, this year, we wanted to share some Haitian recipes with you- our TJS family! Join us in some of Haiti’s most delicious holiday traditions. Follow along with the recipes below or use this LINK to print.

Light the Way

In Haiti, it’s tradition to create fanals. Fanals are traditional luminaries created from cardboard and tissue paper and decorated by the whole family! These beacons line the streets and homes of Port au Prince as a symbol of artistry and tradition. Bring the tradition of the fanal into your home by downloading our guide HERE

More than a Holiday

Many families in Haiti do not have the resources to provide elaborate holiday celebrations or give expensive gifts. Instead, the holiday season is all about spending time with the people who matter most and spreading goodwill to those in the community. Christmas, in Haiti, is not at all about gifts, or traditions, but about the feeling of being close with those you love.

Just like in the United States, it’s common for children to dress in their best clothing for holiday celebrations. However, the holidays represent much more than just a fancy dress, they are about coming together as a community. It’s not uncommon for an entire community to come together to provide a nice dress or suit to a child without one during the holidays.

After Christmas is over, the celebrations in Haiti continue! Between the week of Christmas and the New Year, children will dress in their best clothing and go door-to-door of their grandparents and elder family members. During this time they will collect treats and small gifts, while enjoying the tradition of spending time with family.

More to Celebrate

Christmas isn’t the only holiday this time of year in Haiti. Haiti celebrates its independence day on January 1, which means celebrations continue between the week of Christmas and the new year! On New Year’s Eve, it’s a Haitian tradition for families to clean their houses all day to prepare to meet the new year free from the weight of the past year.

All About Family

The holidays in Haiti are a rich and vibrant time filled with love for community and family. We at The Joseph School feel truly blessed to be able to share some of Haiti’s traditions with you- our TJS family. Thank you for your continued support throughout the year. We are thankful that The Joseph School experiences the ‘season of giving’ through the whole year!

If you’d like to know more about Haitian holidays be sure to check our our Instagram and Facebook pages using #HaitianHolidays!

The Joseph School continues to need your support, especially this time of year. We are relying on your support to build the next chapter at The Joseph School. Help us reach our $25,000 goal and learn more about our goals at!