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We’re a non-profit organization that equips Haitian children with an education based in servant leadership. By doing so, we hope that our students will develop a heart for service to transform Haiti as the next informed leaders of their country.

Haiti Map

Why Haiti?

Haiti is moderately close to the United States in terms of location (1889 miles), but differs tremendously in its quality of education. Fifty percent of children do not attend school, only sixty-one percent of the adult population is literate, and most Haitian schools are expensive relative to average household earnings.

Education is the key to Haiti’s social and economic development, and the best empowerment of Haitians to lead.

Jim Bryson

Our Mission

To educate and prepare tomorrow’s servant leaders in body, mind, and spirit.

Our Education Fundamentals

Empowered to dream, compelled to love, called to lead.

A world-class education is the key to developing the kind of leaders who exemplify this vision. The Joseph School has six educational fundamentals:

1. Discipleship in Jesus Christ

2. Leadership Development

3. Academics

4. Service

5. Language

6. Haitian Culture and History

Our Friends for The Future

Every single month, our Friends for The Future provide the funds to educate and feed a child for an entire month. This dedicated community is making a tangible difference in Haiti-- one month at a time, one child at a time.

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