Carnival 2023

Every year in the weeks before Ash Wednesday, Haiti celebrates its Carnival, a colorful and exuberant occasion. Including music, dancing, food, and costumes, the festival is a significant component of Haiti’s cultural legacy.

As a way to honor Haiti’s national and cultural identities, we recognize the importance of Carnival and incorporate it into our curriculum. The pictures show how TJS teachers and students are still recognizing this tradition even if Haiti is not officially celebrating Carnival this year. Our executive director, Annita D’Amico, says that “Carnival in Haiti is a time for people to unite, celebrate their culture, and show off their creativity via ornate costumes and dancing. We are excited that The Joseph School participates in this celebration of life.”

The Joseph School Celebrates Haiti and Black History Month: A Time to Honor Culture, Resilience, and Legacy

Black History Month is a time to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions and achievements of black people throughout history. This year, as we reflect on the rich heritage of black cultures and communities, it is important to recognize the important role that Haiti has played in shaping black history and the global community.

Haiti, the first black republic in the world, is a shining example of resilience, bravery, and the power of collective action. In 1804, Haiti became the first country in the world to abolish slavery and establish independence through a successful slave revolt, making it a symbol of hope and liberation for black people everywhere. Haiti’s fight for freedom and independence inspired other nations and movements, including the abolitionist movement in the United States, and helped to shape the trajectory of black history.

Today, Haiti continues to be a source of inspiration for people around the world who are fighting for justice and equality. Despite facing numerous challenges, including poverty, political instability, and natural disasters, the people of Haiti have remained resilient and determined to create a better future for themselves and their communities.

In recognition of Black History Month, it is important to acknowledge the important role that Haiti has played in shaping black history and to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of the Haitian people. From its vibrant music and dance to its rich history and traditions, Haiti is a testament to the resilience and strength of black communities.

As we celebrate Black History Month, let us continue to pray for the welfare of Haiti and other black communities around the world. The Joseph School in partnership with Haitian families, teachers, and staff is committed to cultivating leaders for the future. Our hope is to invest and empower a new generation of leaders, equipped to bring positive change in Haiti.  We are excited to collaborate with our Haitian community to share the rich history of the people and learn the stories of the heroes of Haiti.