Back To School Recap

It’s been a long road to get here, but we are finally back in school! The past five months have been all about keeping our TJS community safe and fed, but after months of praying, we finally have students back in our classrooms learning. For the month of January, attendance has been around 77%. We are accommodating those who cannot travel to the school with virtual materials. Teachers in other areas use the opportunity to meet with students that can’t be inside the classroom yet.

As you can see from the pictures above, our principal Rose has asked parents to send students in regular clothes instead of their uniforms. This helps prevent students from becoming targets of gang violence as they return to school.

The recent cholera outbreak has had a devastating impact on the people of Haiti, and it has also reached our community.

Sadly there have been deaths in the Cabaret area. But we have seen great leadership from our teachers and students stepping up and teaching other students and staff members about the “Five Basic Cholera Prevention Steps” by the CDC. It is essential that our community remains informed and up to date on the latest developments surrounding the outbreak in order to prevent further fatalities.

Your support continues to powerfully impact our students and staff. Every donation and sponsorship is an important step in empowering our Haitian communities to get back on their feet and create a brighter future for all our students. We are proud to be part of this progress and cherish your partnership as we look forward to continuing to invest in The Joseph School and future generations in Haiti.