A Message from Our Director

Annita D’Amico, Director of TJS with our Founder Jim Bryson and Director of Development Vicki Askew

Twelve years ago, the dream for The Joseph School was born. It took four years to get property and classrooms started in Haiti. Now that class of first graders are ready to enter the eighth grade. Students from this first class are no longer little children hoping to be a part of a school community, they are now young teens dreaming of college and careers.

Our eighth year at The Joseph School confirms our commitment to keep moving forward in spite of the challenges in the nation of Haiti, we envision the legacy of The Joseph School. The school showcases the most valuable assets of Haiti – the nation’s children and families. We have witnessed these past years that academic purpose and excellence is possible through the strength and capability of our students, teachers, and staff.
The Joseph School equips the students with leadership tools and critical thinking strategies so that these young future leaders will create and develop their own solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. The school also works to empower our teachers and staff as leaders allowing them opportunities to grow their gifts and expertise. Our vision and mission goals are to connect all these critical pieces of leadership, mentoring, and problem-solving strategies.

As 2022 is coming to an end, I want to take a minute to thank you for your partnership, your kindness, your prayers, and your support. Your consistent support through donations has helped TJS provide for the students in the areas of school lunches, books and curriculum, uniforms, clean water, training for teachers and staff, a garden, a safe playground, classrooms, and so much more. We continue to provide food and shelter for those students, staff, and families who are in need during this time of political crisis and unrest.

We have many plans for the new year to become even more rooted and active in the students’ communities through an adult literacy program and team sports programs with other schools. We understand that children learn how to become strong leaders as they have opportunities to participate and serve in their community.

We believe educating each generation of youth is one of the most important ways to continue to create sustainable solutions and develop integral leadership for years to come. We invite you to continue to partner with us. Thank you for your support this year and with your help we look forward to what the future of The Joseph School holds – I am believing in continued academic success, personal growth and development, and healing for Haiti. A legacy that will continue to grow and multiply!

We are all different but we are all one at the same time, by helping the children of Haiti we are impacting the world.

Annita D’Amico