An Important Update


Challenges in Haiti continue. But we are committed to moving forward fulfilling our mission at The Joseph School of equipping tomorrow’s Haitian leaders. Here are a few highlights:

Our principal, Rose Amede, has postponed the beginning of school until October but continues to plan for the 2022-23 school year. The Joseph School teachers and staff also continue to stay in touch with students and their families. Because the school is located in Cabaret, about 45 minutes northwest of Port au Prince, life is calmer and safer than in the capital city. We are praying that this remains the case.

Back to School preparations include school meal planning, printing of curriculum, transportation logistics, teacher assignments, and parent volunteer schedules. We, as an organization, will continue to move forward. We know that an education has the power to provide leadership which lifts families out of poverty and countries out of chaos, all in a single generation. Our mission has not changed during the turmoil!

Thank you for partnering with us and believing with us that the peace and restoration of the country of Haiti will happen!

Photo by: Ayasha Media