Teacher Training with P4H

The Joseph School recently completed our teacher training with P4H at the National Educator Professional Development Conference (EPDC)! We sent our team leaders this year to Cap-Haitien to do the in-person training and Madame Rose will train the remaining teachers back at the school. A few new things being taught this year at this event is early childhood trauma, trauma-sensitivity training, and social and emotional learning! Our Executive Director Annita D’Amico says “TJS is serious about the critical need to invest in the professional development of our teachers. Each year they prepare so that they know their subject matter well and better understand the needs of their students. Educators as in other fields, such as business, medicine, and the media, are recognizing that investing in professional teacher development should be the number one priority. We have an incredible training team through P4H and the benefits of the professional development is evident as our students have shown the strongest academic success yet in the life of TJS.” 

P4H is committed to the training and equipping of Haitian educators through professional development. Their 72-hour School Quality Assurance program provides participants with research-based, student-centered strategies that transform classroom culture. This training is conducted over a three-year span. All materials and trainings are hosted in Haitian Creole and are designed to engage educators in collaborative learning structures. Learn more about P4H here!