An Interview with TJS Principal Madame Rose

Madame Rose, TJS Principal

In honor of Women’s History Month, The Joseph School is proud to feature an interview with the one and only Madame Rose, principal of The Joseph School. We are thrilled to share a closer look at the woman who leads TJS each and every day!

Madame Rose with Hans

Q: How did you get started at The Joseph School?

A: I joined TJS thanks to a friend. When M. Bildad told us about the project I was really happy even without knowing how much money I would receive. It was one of my dreams to start with a group of children and evolve alongside them through the years. I take this work to heart because I love teaching. I started in September 2015 as a teacher, a year after that I became the school’s guidance counselor where I spent three years in that position. Currently, I have been a principal for 3 years, it is not an easy job but with love and respect I will continue to work to create a school I am proud of.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of working with young students?

A: What rewards me for working with young people is my pride in developing children who are successful, and grow up as responsible [young adults].

Q: What makes The Joseph School special?

A: TJS is a special school in the way we mentor children: we provide help, two meals a day and TJS gives teachers the opportunity to continue learning and training sessions. Students not only evolve in an academic environment but also grow socially.

Madame Rose and Menchica

Q: What do you hope to inspire a TJS student to achieve?

Madame Rose and TJS Students Rachel, Fritzlande, & Gina (left to right)

A: My biggest dream for TJS students is to prepare them to be the creators, producers and learners to solve problems instead of creating problems in society. It is always good to learn and to have a degree, but to produce and bring solutions to problems is why we have good leaders for tomorrow.

Q: What is your favorite part of TJS?

A: As the director of TJS, I love my relationship with the children. In many schools in Haiti, the director is a person who stays in the office ordering. For me it is the opposite, the kids feel comfortable to speak and play with me so I am a counselor for them. I always talk to the older kids. Not only am I a leader but I am also a friend and family to students.

Q: What do you like to do outside of your role at TJS?

A: Outside of my role at TJS, I love photography! I enjoy taking pictures of my kids, especially when they are having fun.

Madame Rose and Husband (Zachée Osnacle) and Daughter (Lynn Zarah Maïza Osnacle)