Happy Holidays from Haiti!

Have you enjoyed our Holiday content throughout the month of December? Bring some Haitian traditions into your home this holiday season with our printable traditions cards!

Feeding the Soul

In Haiti, the holidays are all about spending time with family and loved ones, usually over food and drink. That’s why, this year, we wanted to share some Haitian recipes with you- our TJS family! Join us in some of Haiti’s most delicious holiday traditions. Follow along with the recipes below or use this LINK to print.

Light the Way

In Haiti, it’s tradition to create fanals. Fanals are traditional luminaries created from cardboard and tissue paper and decorated by the whole family! These beacons line the streets and homes of Port au Prince as a symbol of artistry and tradition. Bring the tradition of the fanal into your home by downloading our guide HERE

More than a Holiday

Many families in Haiti do not have the resources to provide elaborate holiday celebrations or give expensive gifts. Instead, the holiday season is all about spending time with the people who matter most and spreading goodwill to those in the community. Christmas, in Haiti, is not at all about gifts, or traditions, but about the feeling of being close with those you love.

Just like in the United States, it’s common for children to dress in their best clothing for holiday celebrations. However, the holidays represent much more than just a fancy dress, they are about coming together as a community. It’s not uncommon for an entire community to come together to provide a nice dress or suit to a child without one during the holidays.

After Christmas is over, the celebrations in Haiti continue! Between the week of Christmas and the New Year, children will dress in their best clothing and go door-to-door of their grandparents and elder family members. During this time they will collect treats and small gifts, while enjoying the tradition of spending time with family.

More to Celebrate

Christmas isn’t the only holiday this time of year in Haiti. Haiti celebrates its independence day on January 1, which means celebrations continue between the week of Christmas and the new year! On New Year’s Eve, it’s a Haitian tradition for families to clean their houses all day to prepare to meet the new year free from the weight of the past year.

All About Family

The holidays in Haiti are a rich and vibrant time filled with love for community and family. We at The Joseph School feel truly blessed to be able to share some of Haiti’s traditions with you- our TJS family. Thank you for your continued support throughout the year. We are thankful that The Joseph School experiences the ‘season of giving’ through the whole year!

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