Looking Back On Another Year At TJS

As the end of another school year has come to a close at The Joseph School, we’d like to take the opportunity to look back on the triumphs of the past year!

COVID-19 continued to affect normal operations, however, our students and staff were able to return to campus to continue in-person classes starting in September. Additional cleaning procedures and temperature checks were put in place to make sure everyone stayed healthy all year long! Thankfully, we have not experienced any cases at TJS. However, our staff stayed vigilant — classrooms were cleaned regularly, students washed their hands frequently, and the teachers instructed students and their families on ways to stay safe from infections.

There was a lot to celebrate this year! In December, we held our annual holiday event where each student presented a gift to a classmate. In April, Agriculture Day was a big success. The students wore traditional Haitian clothing and helped harvest fruits and vegetables from the campus garden to prepare a feast!

This year we saw our students’ school pride continue to grow and make TJS the best it has ever been. Everyone is working together to take ownership of their campus and keep an eye on food, trash and gardening.

During the last week of school, the students studied hard for their end of year exams. These exams help us measure the progress each student made over the course of the year. We are so proud of their hard work and the flexibility they showed during unprecedented times.

At the annual end of year program on June 17th, the families of each student were invited to celebrate at The Joseph School. At this event they were presented with their student’s grades for the year. This is a special event that brings all of TJS together to celebrate the hard work of the students.

Even though classes may have ended, our staffs’ contact with the students does not stop for summer vacation. During the summer months, TJS staff make sure students have adequate food, offer school review work for those who need it, and make sure they are staying safe and healthy.

This year has proven that The Joseph School really is a blessed place. We are so thankful for the support of our donors who made this year possible, and we are excited to look towards the fall when 32 new first grade students will join the TJS family.

The Joseph School 2020-2021 Student Body