Teaching with Technology

Technology has transformed the world. “Smart” devices, like computers and tablets have molded the way we live, work, play and most importantly learn. Our Education Team has been seeking the right platforms and partnerships to establish a tech lab at The Joseph School; and we’re excited to share our newest teaching tool.

METL (Mobile Educational Technology Lab)

Earlier this month, we received 20 tablets from CTRL ALT DLT Poverty, an organization dedicated to providing learning tools through technology all over the world. Our tablets arrived in rainproof, mobile cases, allowing our teachers and students to use them in any classroom and transport them as needed.

Combatting Haiti’s Challenges

The METL kits are designed to have complete off-grid connectivity. This means our students will have numerous online learning materials without needing wi-fi!

Each kit has its own internet server with solar charging and USB power supply for each tablet. They also have the ability to run for 36 hours, with a battery backup, so our students can use them even without electricity.

CADP has collected numerous learning applications like Khan Academy (videos and quizzes for math and science), Bouquineux (over 2000 reading books), and many more. These learning applications have been programmed for our curriculum in French, Haiti’s primary educational language, and also in English. Another key learning application specifically programmed for us is PhET Physics. This application provides workshops from MIT on technology and learning methods in Haitian Creole provided by Michel DeGraff.

Not only does the METL take out concerns for internet and electricity in Haiti, it will also provide our students with technology so they can truly be globally competitive. The tablets also feature bluetooth keyboards and programmed typing applications so our students can learn how to type before we build our permanent computer lab.

Last but not least, the newest application on the tablet, Kolibiri, provides our teachers with the ability to monitor and track the progress of each student. They can create different learning groups, assign lessons, administer quizzes and view reports. This will be the first time we have had a classroom management application easily accessible for our teachers.

Our METL lab was made possible through financial contributions from the Marketing Research Education Foundation and Ipsos. There are so many exciting things about the METL and we can’t wait to see our teachers and students using them!