Carlo’s Big Adventure

Do you remember your first job? Most teachers can tell you exactly where they were the moment they learned they had been hired to stand in front of a classroom for the first time. Carlo Nau is no different. Albeit, Carlo’s journey to the front of our fifth-grade TJS classroom is a bit unusual . . .

Carlo Nau is one of the brightest men you could meet. He received his teaching degree from Ecole Normale, the best school in Port-au-Prince, has a Masters degree in teaching, and is a certified coach. Carlo was prepared to teach. He was going places, he just didn’t know where.

Living in Port-au-Prince, Mr. Nau had never heard of The Joseph School (TJS is located in Cabaret roughly 25 km, or a 40-minute drive from PAP). However, after talking with a previous classmate who had scheduled an interview at TJS, he wanted to check out the school too. Carlo asked if he could tag along with his fellow classmate, but not surprising, his friend said, “No.” You see, jobs are hard to come by in Haiti, so it was no surprise his classmate did not want any competition.

Determined to Teach

Mr. Nau decided to follow his classmate to the TJS interview. He carefully followed through the crowded streets of downtown Port-au-Prince. Carlo lagged a block behind so he would not be detected by his friend. When his classmate took a tap-tap (the Haitian means of public transportation), Carlo took the one immediately following. Like a private investigator, Mr. Nau tailed his friend some forty miles. After arriving at TJS, Carlo continued to hide, checking out the school located in the heart of Cabaret. He was intrigued, the school did not look like the public schools in Port-au-Prince.

Since he did not have an interview appointment, he watched and waited for his chance. After noticing a decline in interviews, Carlo walked up to the staff and introduced himself. Showing his true grit, Carlo provided his list of credentials. He answered the questions and even laughed at his own unusual journey to the TJS interview table. Mr. Nau impressed the TJS staff with his determination and was hired on the spot. That was four years ago. Today Carlo still stands proud in front of his fifth-grade class. He constantly goes the extra mile, just as on that eventful interview day, as he teaches his students.

Outside of teaching in the classroom, he also coaches the students in exercise science, (what other school may term physical education). Last year, he started a newspaper for the school which covers outside sports, activities, and various special topics covered in the other classes. The paper even acknowledges the student’s birthdays.

Carlo is a godly, Christian man — a visionary. He often goes the extra mile, for himself and for The Joseph School students. His determination and leadership is respected throughout the campus and you may even catch him sharing the story of his hiring to anyone who will listen.

His success makes the Joseph School a success. He is one of the rocks of the TJS Foundation.