A Stronger Team: Our Second Professional Development Training

Last week, our teachers participated in a three day hands-on training with P4H Global; our second training with the organization committed to equipping Haitian educators through professional development. 

To kickoff the training, the P4H team reviewed our current professional development strategies. Then they transitioned into the importance of educational assessments, specifically the use and role of proper evaluations in the classroom. The P4H trainers spent considerable time discussing critical thinking and how to write quality test questions in order to accurately measure student comprehension. Critical thinking is an educational element many Haitian schools lack, and therefore our teachers really enjoyed these sessions.

For the second day, the P4H trainers explored the components of a lesson plans, learning objectives, and student engagement strategies in order to help our teachers tailor their methods to meet each student’s individual needs.

On day three, the main focus was reflection. According to our teaching staff, these sessions were the most beneficial because reflection, as a learning tool, is not usually taught in Haiti. The reflective sessions enabled our team to connect meaning with the knowledge they learned, and create professional growth goals. The P4H trainers also discussed how much stronger a team can be by working together to grow professionally and that this is the key to transforming education in Haiti.

At the end of the training, the teachers completed a post test to properly measure their knowledge gain. The Joseph School teachers did the best in regards to growth out of any school that P4H has trained up to this point. They scored an average of 38.41% on the pretest and a 99.68% on the post test. This is also the highest post test score they have ever seen!

After the training, Madame Rose (TJS principal), sent a message to P4H that said, “I wanted to personally thank you and the entire P4H staff, in the name of TJS, for the beautiful training. We spent great time together, we reunited and we learned abundantly more than what we knew before the training. In the five years I’ve attended P4H trainings, I’ve never regretted one day that I’ve crossed your path. Your trainings have made me STRONGER and more INTELLIGENT. P4H, you have created change in TJS. I am so happy for your presence. I send kisses to your brain!”

Our principal said it best! We are so blessed to have a partnership with an organization that is dedicated to equipping our teachers, who can better equip our students. 

You can learn more about P4H Global here.