Biancey and Her Mother, Nadia: Girl Gumption

When she grows up, Biancey wants to be the best dancer in Haiti and a famous lawyer (“avokat” in Haitian Creole). Bright, inquisitive, and articulate, fifth grader Biancey believes that a girl can be anything she wants. Trusting in God and herself, she dreams of being a voice for those without a voice, an avokat for orphaned and homeless children. Biancey is a Joseph School future leader.

Biancey Fleurimond

Biancey has learned to be her own advocate early in life. Her father, a truck driver, died when Biancey was only three years old. Her mother, Nadia, suddenly found herself a single mother of two at age 20. However, Nadia was determined, to build a better life for herself and her children. Biancey was accepted into The Joseph School in our first year, 2015. Biancey immediately began to thrive with the tutelage and support at TJS. There was a problem though, Biancey and her mother lived over 45 minutes away by bus, in the small rural town of Arcahaie. Nadia rode with Biancey every day to ensure her safe arrival. However, the time to and from TJS didn’t allow Nadia time to work to financially support her family, and they began to fall behind in rent.

On discovery of the family’s sacrifices to be part of TJS, one of our American advocates generously supported Biancey and her family’s relocation to a house closer to school. TJS also assisted Nadia in creating a small roadside business selling rice and beans. As Biancey grew through her studies, our student body grew also, enabling us to hire Nadia as a cook and staff member. Very independent and self-motivated, Nadia began taking night classes to earn her cosmetology license. After a full year of classes, Nadia earned her license and is now self-employed, doing hair and nails in house for her clients.

Nadia explains in her own words, “If my dream can come true, I pray daily for my son and daughter to obtain their dreams as well, along with every student at The Joseph School. While my life is not perfect, I am learning. I rely on God, and as a single mom, I am trying to give my children a better future than the one I had. I don’t know where I would be without The Joseph School.  I did not have the money to pay for a school like The Joseph School. I know God provided for my talented daughter. Thank you for your help and your prayers. You did not give me a hand out, you gave me a hand up. God bless you all.”