Searching for the Class of 2019

Another year at The Joseph School means another class of incoming students!

The Joseph School vision is to have grades one through thirteen, therefore, each summer, we seek out our next class of first graders. With each incoming class of first graders, our current first graders graduate to second; our second graders graduate to third, and so forth.

The Selection Process

Each year, more and more families hear about us and the work we do in our community, and more and more students apply to attend The Joseph School. This year, we had over one hundred applicants! It’s exciting to have so many eager children, however, we can not accommodate 100 first graders, so each child participates in a two-day testing.

We give every potential student an entrance test to make sure that our new class is prepared for the rigorous school work and school culture here. We design our entrance tests around our core educational values: academics, leadership, service, language, discipleship, along with Haitian culture and history.

The testing is primarily focused on academic potential, but we also quiz new students on leadership skills. We ask new students questions like “When was the last time you apologized?” as well as asking children to identify shapes and colors. We test for the ability to grow, since many of our students couldn’t afford kindergarten. We are committed to provide equal opportunity¬† for all potential students regardless of background. Once the tests are scored, the top 33 students will become the newest class at TJS!

We are still in the process of scoring the tests, but stay tuned to see who the next class of future leaders are!

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