Called to Lead

The Joseph School Staff, Teacher, Translators with Tim & Ryan

On April 19th and 20th, our Haitian teachers and operation staff participated in a leadership conference led by Tim Urmston (our newest board member) and Ryan Thomas. These two incredible men used the key concepts from Five Capitals to teach our staff about perspective and priorities and how it relates to success.

The first session led by Tim, covered values and vision as he introduced the five capitals. He spoke on finding your identity and what the future looks like for you. He had each staff member write down a vision statement for their life and five values they have that will help them get there. He then encouraged them to write down tactics in order to make their vision achievable.

Ryan’s second session, the most valuable of all the capitals, centered around spiritual capital, their purpose and the “why” that drives them in life. As a leadership school, this topic was very helpful for our staff. They received tips on building their relationship with a higher power, and how their life [can / does] influence the lives of others.

The rest of the sessions focused specifically on one of the five capitals (guideposts to live your life) in order of priority. These include relational capital, physical capital, intellectual capital, and financial capital.

The two-day training was not only informational for our staff, but life changing. They were very active and eager to learn about how they can thrive in life. It is easy to feel discouraged in Haiti, but it’s all about perspective. We’re thankful for the staff we have in Haiti and the outlook and hope they have. We believe they will take these concepts and not only apply them to their own lives, but also teach others.

“Leadership changes everything.”

Katie [TJS Education Coordinator] Nadia [TJS 1st Grade Teacher], Tim, Ryan, and Dallen [TJS Principal] 

We’re also very grateful for Tim and Ryan traveling to Haiti to spend time with, and further equip our staff.  To learn more about the Five Capitals, please visit