Celebrating Our Fourth Year

To God be the Glory!

Teachers. Students. Parents. Staff. Friends.

Everyone arrived to The Joseph School campus* bright and early to welcome 120 students for their first day of class.

Dressed in their best attire, students arrived on the new TJS school bus* and were greeted by Haitian Director of Operations, Bildad Michel, and TJS Founder, Jim Bryson.

Madam Dallen Jean Baptiste, TJS Principal, welcomed the students and their families.

Surrounding the students, everyone prayed. We prayed for the school, the students, their families, the year to come, and the future of Haiti. We thanked the Lord for the supporters of The Joseph School, the progress we’ve made, the relationships built and for His continued guidance and direction for this work.

Madam Dallen introduced the TJS teaching staff.

After meeting the new teachers, the students headed to their classrooms.

Excited parents surrounded the first grade classrooms to see their child(ren) in a classroom for the first time.

Class orientations began and breakfast was served!

In September 2015, The Joseph School opened its doors to 30 students in a rental house in Cabaret, Haiti. Today, The Joseph School teaches 120 students lead by 17 incredible teachers who are supported by 22 Haitian staff members on its own campus land. Again, to God be The Glory and thank you to all involved in this journey.

*Amazing “firsts” for The Joseph School. This was our first year beginning class on the campus and our first year having a school bus!

Building Connections Builds Confidence

Thank you to our guest author, Ted Waz, CEO of The Opinion Economy Inc.

Building connections between people is what being “Human” is all about – I am wrapping up a micro-mission to The Joseph School in Cabaret, Haiti. I have met more than 120 students, families, staff. As I travelled across the villages and hamlets that make up Cabaret, Haiti, I found a devastated geography and economic landscape, and a sense of hopelessness.

Sunset on The Joseph School Campus

At the same-time, just as the sun breaks through the darkness of night, I find leaders of all ages, who want the skills that lead to growth & development, which builds confidence, and the ability to see possibilities, to build alliances of mutual benefit, to raise up a school, a village, a city, and ultimately a nation. The Joseph School is an adventure not for the faint of heart, but rather for those who dare to dream beyond their immediate sense of self, who can embrace that the grace we need is as simple a neighbor, next door, across town and yes even from another country sharing a little time, talent, and treasure.

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