Back to School Bags Packed

Every year, 20|20 Research company participates in a service week, where they focus their efforts on “Doing Good” and serving local non-profits throughout the Nashville community. As Jim Bryson, founder and CEO of 20|20, is also the founder of The Joseph School, they spent this past Monday volunteering at TJS– and we are so grateful that they did.

Alone, they were able to organize, group and bag shoes and curriculum for all 119 students the year. They also made Welcome to the 2018 School Year cards for the new first graders.

Growing Each Year

Last year, 20|20’s team also helped bag uniforms and shoes, but we’re very excited to have the uniforms made in Haiti this year — creating less US expenses and jobs in Haiti, instead.

We’re five days away from our fourth school year at The Joseph School. Please pray for our second team heading to Haiti this weekend, with multiple bags in tow. Pray for our teachers, staff, students and their families. We thank 20|20 for their incredible help this week, and we thank YOU for being a part of this journey.

Service Week in Action:

Jim Bryson talking to volunteer team
Shoes for the students
2020 Research team creating cards for the students.

Demonstrating Discipleship: HBU’s Mission Trip

Houston Baptist University Students

While a sharp spike in fuel prices sparked turmoil, devastation, and a political crisis in Haiti, Houston Baptist University was serving our students with hope, joy, and discipleship. Despite the unrest that was enveloping Haiti, they humbly painted our clinic, provided toiletries and vitamins to students, and treated all members of The Joseph School with respect.

While these deliberations were incredibly helpful, perhaps the largest contribution this group made to our school was the Vacation Bible School that they ran. In their multi-day VBS, they taught, loved, and demonstrated servant leadership in its most raw form. As these college students changed our students’ minds and hearts, The Joseph School also left an indelible mark on these volunteers. 

As Darby Isereau, one of the participants, penned: “Haiti is beautiful. Haiti is resilient.”

As the volunteers themselves can best speak on their personal experiences, we have featured a testimony below from Lauren Butler, one of the travelers on the trip, who is pictured below.

Lauren Butler

“This was my third time coming back to Haiti and working with The Joseph School, and it seems like each trip is better than the last! This was my first time taking a group through my school, Houston Baptist University, and it was so cool to come with them this year! We expected to love and serve those around us, but everyone that we encountered loved and served us. Everyone we met was so kind towards us and full of joy that you can’t help but keep a smile on your face!

I have so many amazing memories from this trip, but one of my favorites is when we went on house visits to kids that attend The Joseph School. Last year when I was in Haiti, I met a 2nd grader named Taina and we became fast friends. This year, we were able to go to her house and give her flip flops, soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and vitamins for the duration of the summer. I brought her a little gift to give her, and I was so glad I was able to deliver it to her in person! She remembered me and my name, and my face and heart lit up! I thought about her a lot over this past year and I loved hearing from her that our friendship did not just last for one week last year. I am so excited to see her and all the other students excel in school and see how God will use each of them! Haiti and The Joseph School holds a special place in my heart and it gets harder to leave each year. I can’t wait to go back!”

Thanks, Lauren, for your inspiring words. We are so grateful for all that the HBU team has done for The Joseph School, and pray that our mission will continue to guide your servant hearts.