Training Talented Teachers: Update On P4H Teacher Conference

As teachers are the cornerstone of academic quality, we are committed to hiring the most dedicated and effective educators of Haiti to guide, instruct, and empower the next generation of Haitian servant leaders. Due to our adherence to a curriculum that is strong and up-to-date, we require our teachers to attend regular conferences, so they can continue to adjust the practices they implement in the classroom, as well as remain updated on the most relevant topics of the time. Today we’re going to sneak a behind-the-scenes look at the most recent conference our teachers attended: the P4H Conference.

P4H Global’s Educator Professional Development Conference is focused on training Haitian Educators to use effective, student-centered methods of teaching in their classrooms.

P4H invests in educators because they have the responsibility to shape the minds of the future generation. Future professionals such as doctors, lawyers, educators, pastors, and other vital members of society all begin as curious students in the classroom. Unfortunately, due to the fact that most Haitian teachers do not have any pre-service training, the majority of Haitian classrooms are marked by rote memorization and an authoritarian, teacher-centered approach.

As P4H specializes in a collaborative and compassionate approach to education, The Joseph School teachers attend this conference to acquire the skills to develop thoughtful, lifelong learners and leaders.
At the annual P4H Conference, US educators gather for three days to share their expertise and research-based educational strategies with Haitian teachers. Topics such as foundational education theories, classroom management, leadership development, and mathematics strategies are explored during the conference, providing Haitian educators with the opportunity to learn new methods and network with other educators from their country.

Overall, the professional development opportunities that P4H offers equip our teachers with invaluable skills that allow them to meet the distinct needs of their students, while enriching their minds and hearts.

We are so grateful to have wrapped up another year at the P4H conference!