United by Uniforms

Welcome back, TJS supporters! As the school year comes to a close, we are celebrating some exciting news on the horizon: student uniforms are now being made IN Haiti!

As you may know, in the last three years, we have purchased uniforms here in the United States. While we appreciated the American services, we wanted to do something more to help our friends in Haiti. NOW, thanks to the pilot sewing program (sponsored by Nashville’s own Immanuel Baptist Church!), we are having the uniforms sewn in Haiti! Not only will this switch provide much-needed jobs to families in Haiti, but it will also decrease production and distribution difficulties as we grow from 90 to 120 students, and plan to continue to expand every year. Uniforms are $100 pers students and include: two shirts, two pants/shorts/skirts, shoes (still purchased in US) and Socks.

This change is more than a mere location switch: it is a Transition that is going to serve as the grounds for the Transformation of lives.

The photo to your left features John Kerry, rising 4th grader, modeling the first draft of the Haitian-made uniforms!

And check out the behind-the-scenes look of our hardworking Haitian friends to the right, as they carefully take measurements and calculate the correct dimensions for the uniforms. We are blessed with an incredible team and are so excited to watch this program kick off!

We also want to extend a special thanks to TJS Board member, Natalie Inman, for providing the sewing machines!

Thank You.

To all of our followers: thank you, kindly, for reading and for believing in our mission. The Joseph School would not be the same without YOU! With your generous contribution, you can quite literally provide the clothes on the back of a student. We are deeply grateful for your support during this exciting Transition!