Sailing Through Service: Sailer Financial’s Volunteer Help

Ship ahoy! Last week, Sailer Financial visited our Nashville headquarters and proved to be such a huge help to us that we CAN’T wait to share more about all of their great work! Keep reading for a snapshot of their day:

Sailer Financial took a half day before joining us to help sort curriculum and take inventory to be sent to Haiti. Much of this curriculum comes from many of our amazing supporters, who have donated books, games, and other learning tools to our office.

However, as a non-profit organization, we are often time-strapped: as our small staff is assigned to so many different projects, it is, at times, difficult to allocate resources to sort through these donated materials. We are incredibly grateful that Sailer Financial took the time to aid us in this operations process, as their dedication and positive attitudes propelled them through the work– and the afternoon.

Additionally, they worked on signage for our upcoming donor event– stay tuned for more information in this arena, soon!

With deepest gratitude, we thank you, Sailer Financial. We love our volunteers!

The Visual Story of Sailer Financial’s Day:

L to R: Andy Michael, Pamela Talley, Jenny Wilson, April James, Jeremy Hutzel


Visit here to learn more about Sailer Financial!

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