Uniform Kits and Cards: 20|20 Service Week

Doing Good

Every year, 20|20 Research company participates in a service week, where they focus their efforts on “Doing Good” and serving local non-profits throughout the Nashville community. As Jim Bryson, founder and CEO of 20|20, is also the founder and CEO of The Joseph School, they spent one of their days this week volunteering at TJS– and we are so grateful that they did.

Alone, they were able to assemble and bag uniform and shoe kits for the upcoming ninety students, and they made Welcome to the 2018 school year cards for each student.

If you’re interested in checking more out about all of the impactful work 20|20 participated in this week, be sure to check out their blog at https://www.2020research.com/marketing/2020-third-annual-service-week/! 20|20 Research company, thank you again for all of your hard work!


“Doing Good” in Action:

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