Blessed Transitions

As 2017 transitions into 2018,  The Joseph School is also transitioning into its permanent location. White House (TN) Baptist Church along with The Joseph School community teamed up to move furniture and supplies from the rental house — where classes have taken place since September 2015 — to our new classrooms, on our new campus and land.

Spring classes in the permanent location will start on January 8, 2018. This is a huge milestone for TJS and we are  very grateful for it. On behalf of our teachers, staff, and Board of The Joseph School, we want to thank every supporter that has prayed for The Joseph School this year. In many ways it has been a difficult year, but God has always carried us forward.

We wish you a smooth transition from 2017 to a richly blessed 2018. Happy New Year!








Uniform Kits and Cards: 20|20 Service Week

Joseph School backpacks with cards

Doing Good

2020 employees making cards for the students

Every year, 20|20 Research participates in a service week, where they focus their efforts on “Doing Good” and serving local non-profits throughout the Nashville community.  A group of 2020 employee’s spent one of their days this week volunteering at TJS . . . and we are so grateful that they did!

Alone, they were able to assemble and bag uniform and shoe kits for the upcoming ninety students. They also made “Welcome to the 2018” school year cards for each student.

If you’re interested in viewing more of the impactful work 20|20 participated in this week, be sure to check out their blog at!

20|20 Research company, thank you again for all of your hard work!

“Doing Good” in Action:

2020 employees making cards for the students
2020 employees packing socks
2020 employees packing uniforms