On A Mission: Copperfield Church

“Serving with The Joseph School in Haiti was an amazing experience. Most of our team had never been on an international mission trip before, and everyone is still talking about how impacted they were from the experience,” said Will Turner, student pastor at Copperfield Church. “We witnessed God moving in our hearts and the people we encountered.” 

In July 2017, we were blessed with a group of hard working volunteers from Copperfield Church. We watched as they let God move through them to humbly serve the community around them. Copperfield hosted VBS for the children at a local orphanage, and played with and taught the kids about the bible. They also helped with the construction of a new house for a Haitian family and water reservoir.

Copperfield Church passed out flip flops and and hygiene kits, both in local villages and homeless shelters. They sat and listened to the people in the homeless shelters tell their stories, and lead a prayer for the residents and the future of Haiti. 

“One of our favorite things was talking with our translators and the other workers at the house–connecting with them, learning from them and encouraging them. This trip was a pivotal and formative experience for many of our group. God blessed us through Haiti. Thank you for allowing us to come alongside The Joseph School and be a part of God’s Kingdom movement,” said Turner.

We look back on this trip and recognize the amazing work God did through them for our community. Thank you to all our friends at Copperfield Church for your hard work and compassion.

God Bless you!

Our Wall Stands Tall: Continuing The Joseph School Construction

Continuing The Joseph School Construction

We officially have a wall surrounding TJS land. This may seem small to some but to us and our amazing supporters, we’re very excited to have a strong, secure wall around what will one day be our K12 permanent school.

Two years ago, we opened the doors to our first class of kindergarteners at a rental property in Cabaret, Haiti. Because the Haitian government believes in The Joseph School mission, they gave us 20 acres of land to build a permanent school, and we are well on our way to making that building stand.

We can’t open the school fully as that will take time and more help. But we are planning to open a section of the school a few years at a time. Since we currently have primary age students, that is the first section we hope to open this FALL!

To do that, we need your help.  Many of you have been very generous already. Some of you have asked when will more construction begin. Well the time has come. We’ve accomplished the wall and gate, and now we are moving to the building itself. If you can give to help out with construction, your gift would be very timely.  If you cannot, we ask you to pray for The Joseph School, and the safety of the craftsmen building the school.  

God is doing amazing work in and through the school.  We hope you will continue to be a part of this effort.