Leadership changes everything!

Located in Cabaret, Haiti, The Joseph School equips Haitian children with an education based in leadership focused on service.

Haiti doesn’t only have an education problem. 

Haiti has a leadership problem.

What we do…

The Joseph School teaches grades 1 – 7* , empowering Haitian students to become proud, capable leaders who think critically, lead confidently, and serve passionately.

*We will add a grade each year, until we reach the 13th grade.

And how we do it…

The Joseph School celebrates Haiti’s national and cultural identities and empowers its students and staff through:  

  • A Culturally Committed Curriculum 
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Cultivation

Our Student Sponsorship program connects friends from all over with a student at The Joseph School. Each sponsorship offsets the cost of one student’s school supplies, daily meals, and safe transportation. 

Feed a classroom

Our Food for Education program ensures each student is nourished in body and mind during the school day so they are able to focus on their school work, not on their hunger.

Support at teacher

Teachers provide the power of education to our students. Every gift helps equip our teachers with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the classroom and in their communities. 

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