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Leadership changes everything.


We’re a non-profit organization that equips Haitian children with an education based in servant leadership. By doing so, we hope that our students will develop a heart for service and transform Haiti as the next informed leaders of their country.  

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What we Do:

  1. Partner with orphanages and community leaders to identify gifted children.
  2. Enroll these children in our school, and then teach and feed them from first grade through high school.
  3. Watch our students grow into the next informed servant leaders of Haiti.

Help Build Haiti’s Future.

  • Teacher Salaries

    Our teachers' efforts are making the difference in the lives of the future servant leaders of Haiti.

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  • Student Services

    Everything we do affords our students the education and life skills necessary to become pillars of their communities.

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  • Utilities

    One of our biggest needs is to provide reliable basic utilities for the daily operation of our school.

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  • School Security

    We make every effort to create a secure place where children can focus on learning.

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